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As far as Weaver rails on springers, I think the problem is how to incorporate them on  drawn steel tubing. BSF added a scope rail (though a dovetail) years ago by adding a key hole and a screw. There is also the problem of imagining  a bulbous Weaver rail on our svelte springers. Tom is right, though, some kind of fix is well overdue. 

My loss leader Steyr lg110 HP has a black painted wood stock from the factory. It is not especially attractive, but works very nicely. Sometimes I am tempted to have it duplicated in Walnut. But usually I just shoot the dang thing and not worry about it.

The main thing I take away from the photos of the HW110 is the use of a monoblock receiver which is, I think, a good thing. The receiver also bridges over the magazine which should add stiffness to the barrel support. Whether this new design will supplement or replace the HW100 time will tell. For those worried about it I again encourage them to buy a 100 now. You won’t be sorry.