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“bowwild”As soon as I saw the “airbow” I thought, here we go again. 

Before long someone will invent a way to push a lead conical with smokeless powder in a cartridge.

I don’t think it would be legal in many states. The industry will get behind it and make all kinds of claims to get laws changed so they can sell more stuff. Oh, and the industry will say that the public demands it. 

One of the repercussions if a push is made to make this legal during archery seasons, will be to reignite the battle against crossbows in a few places and the crossbow crowd fought a dozen years to expand there tool’s acceptance. 

I would’t care at all if this were considered a firearm and allowed during centerfire or shotgun slug seasons. 

Pushing a lead conical with smokeless powder in a cartridge? Then time travel which is when the big bucks start rolling in!

it would be fun to witness a Cowboys and Indians style battle between people air bows and those with regular bows to settle this once and for all!

I always thought that most hunting restrictions were based on minimum muzzle energy requirements. I’m not sure I fully understand why people care so much about the device that fired the projectile if the result is the same. They should just choose to either include air bows with regular crossbows or with the firearms category and be done with it. 

I can can sort of understand why bow hunters would consider crossbows or airbows to be less of a challenge or even a different sport which would explain why they chose not to use them but not why they have an issue with someone else using one. You are probably right about it causing the continuation of that debate though.

Air is obviously a superior propellant over string so if the goal is accurate humane kills, airbows are the way to go. It takes a long time to master using old-school bows. I bet there is a lot of injured animals suffering along the way.