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Hi Airgunbill

I agree that the extra 8-10fpe is not enough to make a huge difference for hunting so I would also prefer to increase shot count and reduce noise. My Cricket makes short work of anything up to raccoon sized animals already. I know from using the power wheel on my Career 707 that small increases in power can make a disproportionate difference to how much air is used and noise. The 707 gets 10 shots at 90fpe (51g pellets) or 40 shots @ 50fpe. 

If shot count is a problem, it is sometimes because the wrong air gun for the job is being used. For example, if you plan to plink or target shoot hundreds of pellets for the afternoon, you probably wouldn’t choose a Benjamin Bulldog. If you are hunting small pigs, it’s 5-10 powerful shots is plenty. The Atamans looks more like hunters than target shooters to me..

Your great white is a “1 hour tank”. I have two 30 minute cf tanks that I fill to 4500 psi for $12 (for both). You only get to fill anything to 4500 psi once as the tanks obviously drop below that pressure immediately. I use air guns every day and  I get them filled every 2 months.

With the reg, the only difference between filling to 4000 psi vs 3000 psi is shot count.  (It isn’t recommended that you fill a Cricket to 4500psi). Filling with a tank is quick and easy so there is no problem filling more regularly when the tanks get low. I get the tanks refilled when they drop below 2500 psi. Those fill calculators only calculate how many fills you get for the number you set. E.g., if you say you fill to 4000 psi, it will exclude all of the 3700 and 3400 psi fills you get in addition. You’ll get a lot of fills with your great white with any air gun.

I prefer tanks to any of the less expensive compressors  (like the shoebox) which seem to fill very slowly in comparison. Some are more like motorized hand pumps. Decent compressors start at $3,000. I would only buy a shoebox if I ran helium and couldn’t find a source of 4500 psi fills. It would be nice to have both i suppose.

I have my Cricket hammer spring adjuster set to a little below full power usually. It puts out around 48fpe depending on the pellet. It puts out a fair bit more if I use my 58g hollow points in single shot if I need more stopping power.

​The Cricket is known to have a particularly efficient valve and reg combo so it makes good use of it’s air. It also has a fairly large reservoir so it’s not a fair comparison with many other guns. I guess the real test for the Ataman will be to see how many shots it gets when turned down to 48fpe with the same H&N Baracuda hunter extreme’s I use. We would then want to adjust the numbers for any differences in cylinder volume. Barrel length should probably be considered too. 

I am totally in favor of finding a balance between power, accuracy, shot count and noise. These are things that can usually be tuned to your liking on a decent PCP rifle so I wouldn’t rule out an Ataman based on the factory settings if you liked everything else. E.g. If it’s accuracy, the way it looks, the weight, balance, price etc. 

For me, the biggest problem with the Ataman bullpups is the way they look. I am a bullpup fan but their stocks look ugly. Given a choice, I would go Wildcat over Ataman too. It looks nicer and it’s lighter. My choice was between the Wildcat and the Cricket. I would have been happy with either. I chose the Cricket because it is 2″ shorter and I didn’t want to deal with new model teething problems (I have particularly bad luck with buying air guns). The Vulcan looked interest too but I. don’t like wood on bullpup and I wanted a longer barrel.

It’s a fun time to be in the market for a bullpup!

What do you mainly use you air rifles for?