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 Change the striker/hammer spring first, the original discoverys had a different spring which gave the same power but with more shots, the current spring is TOO much.
Not at all sure why they changed as it cut the shot count in half and just wastes air. And for those with no tooling that want a different TP poly tubing like in a refrigerator/freezer works well.
 You can also try the bstaley o-ring mod ( drop 3-4 O-rings inbetween the striker and valve) but that works best in rigs with adjustable strikers, naturally you could buy one of those from crosman, the challenger I believe can work. Or any other anti-bounce of your choice for further shot count increase.
 If looking for POWER the Don Cothran power valve is THE unit to purchase.

Pertty much any mod for any of the standard crosman rigs 22xx/other will work on a discovery and a 1st gen marauder trigger pack will fit right on ( maybe need a shim). Making it a crazy good carry around light weight rifle.

 Change that hammer spring, you’ll like it.