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“spysir”Billy, does that stock stiffen things up, as in helping eliminate any flex one might encounter? Personally I think they look better with the added stock but wondered if it also had positive grouping effect.



I have never experienced any flex in my Talon SS … Not sure what the fuss is about in that subject… my gun has shot perfect from day one… it is more accurate than I am …
I was getting the same shooting accuracy without the stock as with the mad dog stock….   I noticed no difference other than the feel of the gun while shouldered.
It is a very good investment in my opinion.  The stock is super light and almost unbelievable light….  You won’t be disappointed with the stock … but also I was happy with the gun before the stock….  Sure there is much you can do to improve it….(maybe) … but I am not going to. I like it just the way it is…. Brings home many squirrel and that is what counts for me…. I need nothing fancy to do that in the woods… 

But I must say this delivers on target very very well for me…….  
Also I have to admit I am not brand loyal to any type gun…… I almost did not get the Talon ss when I saw it on sale, believing all the bad people say…

…. but a member on here told me how good it was, so I got it…  I have never regretted it and it is now my go to rifle for squirrel….. big deal it does not have a clip for a fast second shot….. I say……….. what good hunter really needs a fast second shot….  I don’t