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Also, don’t do what I did… and put off buying the mad dog stock…..  Not that the gun feels bad when shouldered but it is so much better with the stock….
If you can afford it.. its worth every penny and then some….. super nice looking to..

While hunting I come across many people that think it is a toy until I let them shoot it ….. One person wanted to buy it right then….. I said nope…. telling them there is more to air guns than just the gun…. there are support equipment as well…

The average hunter has no idea of what air guns can do…. One woman wanted me to come to her basement to shoot chipmunks…. I told her my guns are not what you need indoors….. but again… she could not understand that…. and still thought they are toys…

Also I have not bought a Condor yet for one very good reason….. I don’t think I need more power… at 35 yards the pellet still goes through the squirrel when shot in chest…
Like I said I do most hunting to about 40 yards…… mostly in the 30 yard range… Once hit they do not go far it they go anywhere….. Not sure I need the power of a condor ss..