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With the bipod mounted, the gun balances right at the trigger. Shouldered, it feels lighter than 11lbs since the balance point is basically at your trigger hand. Though I have never shot a Bobcat, I did shoulder one at a gun show. I would compare the Bulldog somewhat to the feel of a Bobcat. I don’t know if that is because both are “bulky”, but it definitely is not like shouldering a Cricket.

It could be awhile before I get around to trying any bullets or roundball. Since my .25’s and .30 are more than enough for any animal I can hunt in Ohio, the Bulldog is really overkill. It is definitely more of a novelty for me. I have been shooting starlings with it if that tells you anything. LOL!! As good as the JSB pellets shoot and the rather flat trajectory they provide, I may never shoot bullets unless Ohio makes big bores legal for deer. I actually just checked chairgun and suprisingly my Bulldog with JSB’s shoots flatter than any of my other airguns.