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I haven’t had any issues with them.  In fact, I’ve only zeroed them once.  Like most brands they have their basic entry models and their higher end models.  I have the mid-level models.  I’m not sure how their entry level brands perform.  I decided to test one because of the FFP option. I was really surprised at the picture clarity. They are pretty hefty at a little over 2lbs but that’s not a deal breaker for me.  Another thing to consider is the eye relief is pretty far, 3-5 inches and some PCP rails are too short for both rings to clear the central part of the scope and still fit on the rails.  On my Sumatra I had to get a longer rail adapter for it to fit. If you decide to go with one get it from Omega.  There price beats most companies selling them by almost $100 and their customer service is fine.  The focus wheel on the first 8-32 I got was really tight. Once I contacted them, they immediately made a return authorization and sent the replacement before I mailed in the defective one.