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these compressors are 110 volt, we made them this way for the US market as this was the demand.

They pull no more current than an average standard shop compressor of medium size.

There are far too many variables, to answer your “run time” question with a finite number.

Most manufacturers, will give you a number pulled out of a hat, based on general use.

Those who give you this type of number, are either over selling, or just plain guessing.

We would rather tell you the truth, based on what to expect from these compressors depending on how they are used and further, how to get the most service life out of them for years to come.

We got into HPA compressors a couple of years ago, and have a large three phase commercial dive compressor, with a Bauer head unit.
The first service we had on our Bauer, was after a very short time and the cost of the parts alone was nearly 700 bucks.

At this point, we decided to purchase one of these imported units and finished the P-12 and M-10 testing and tuning (over 200 pcp fills) with no issues and we still use that compressor today, filling airguns and large tanks.

The Bauer, has an hour meter and was “advertised” at having over 100 hours of run time between service. (Just an example)

As a result, we started importing compressors for our customers, based on our personal experience.

As for your circuit, a simple solution, would be to wire a plug from your 30 amp 220 service using one “side” of the current for 110 volt and you have a 30 amp 110 service. (A much simpler solution)

I understand this inquiry is for information and we are here to help brother, not just throw sales numbers at you.