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our compressors, fill tanks fine and at very close to the same speed you mentioned.

We fill our 118cu SCBA tank regularly with them.

in our testing, we fill 2 tanks at 4500, (one guppy size and one slightly larger) to make sure they all function properly and it takes just a few minutes each.

As for run time between rebuilds, I have posted about this at least once on this very forum, about this very topic.

It depends entirely on how you use it.

I only mentioned filling airguns directly, to illustrate how the run time between rebuilds could be dramatically increased.

As for molecular sieve, it is a filter medium, much like silica beads (although marginally more effective) and yes it can be used in our included seperator, with no modification.

Molecular sieve material, is available online, for very little cost for those who prefer it and is not any type of high dollar high end product that some would have you believe.  It is easily found, via Internet search.