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Zebra you say at 250 bar fill you get 60 shots which I say is very good. The Ataman says 300 bar for 35 shots in .25 caliber which is not close to what you are getting. I wonder what the Ataman would get shot count wise with a 250 bar fill. I see the Wildcat in .25 caliber puts out 47 fpe for about 50 to 60 shots at a 230 bar fill. The Ataman puts out about 55 fpe which isn’t enough to me to make much difference to me in my hunting. If I am not mistaken the Cricket in .25 puts out about the same fpe as the Wildcat. How far down do you take your Cricket down to fill/psi to get 60 shots. I am not wanting to get into the typical pissing match about rifle models that occurs much too much on this forum. What I am wondering how many fills you can get out of a CF 4500 psi tank with a 4350 psi fill rifle and at what cost. I am going to be getting a .25 cal bullpup in the future and it will probably be the Wildcat. It just seems to have the features I want. I have a Great White 97 cu ft 4500 psi tank and with the Wildcat fills to 230 bar/3300 psi and shot down to 150 bar/ 2175 psi  I should get 50 to 60 shots per fill. At this rate I will get 31.9 rifle fills on my tank. If i get 50 shots per fill and 32 fills that translates into 1600 shots per tank fill. Now fill the Ataman to 4350 psi fill and shoot down to 3325 psi using about the same amount of air as the Wildcat or 1125 psi. Now how many 35 shot tank fills would you get for your 4350 psi starting fill level. Using my tank fill calculator I get 5.3 fill times  at 35 shots for a total of 185 shots for all that extra pressure vs my 1600 shots. Now I don’t know in fact what ending pressure the Ataman will be once you shoot 35 shots. That is why i am wondering if it would be similar to your Cricket which does seem to efficiently use its air. That’s why I wonder the benefit of having a rifle with such a high fill pressure when people have 4500 psi cf tanks and how often you would be running to the scuba shop to get it filled. That is why I made the comment about having a compressor always nearby with this rifle. Once again my point was not to get into a fight about rifle models. If you like he Ataman go for it for whatever reason. Bill