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No you did not answer any of my questions
i ask you via email why the brass 90 degree fittings will not fit the compressor and you have not answered that question
i ask how in the world can the 4 gal thing be used when you drilled two big holes into it and 
how is it supposed to be hooked up to the radiator ? which is supposed to be easily connected by the 90 degree fittings that don’t work
you say just drop the pump into a 5 gal bucket ? why did we buy all this cooling upgrade ? 
and i ask what is the 2nd blue arrow on the pressure adjustment for ?
and i still would like to know if there is anybody here on one of the forums using these upgrades ? not your sayso
and if so would they please show how they using them ? you haven’t even shown a compressor using all of the upgrades 
i/we should NOT have to wait til later in the week for you to make another video that may or may not answer all the problems 
yes you did answer via email that you were sending the missing fan 

thank you