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After putting a couple hundred rounds down the tube, I feel that I have a very realistic perspective of the Bulldog. I would like to stress that with the very limited amount of real world use and reports on this gun, I am really unsure if my results are typical or maybe I just got lucky?? This gun just keeps me impressed on many levels.

This is not a BR gun and not marketed as such. As a medium to big game hunting rifle, my gun gives almost nothing to complain about. It is comfortable to shoulder and shoot. The balance based on the overall weight is good and the trigger is more than exceptable for a gun in its class. Keep in mind my needs only require pellets and with the 81gr JSB’s the accuracy is way better than I would have expected. With that said, I have only chronoed bullets and have not shot groups, but I have no need for bullets when pellets give 150fpe.

What could I complain about?? The realistic shot count is only 5. I will admit that for its intended use, 10 shots could easily be used. In this class of gun, who really cares about shot count??? Not me!! Honestly, past that based on current price with discounts, I can’t come up with a valid negative argument that holds water!?! For a gun that I really wanted to hate and really never gave a chance, it has proven me totally wrong. Again, either I got very lucky or those that have made negative comments have either never actually spent any amount of time with a Bulldog or just got a poor example. I was warned that the barrel would need replaced, tuned, etc. Out of the box, mine has been one bad MF-er!!

Many of us have been dissappointed with Crosman’s lack of attention to the wants of the hardcore airgunners like most of us on this very forum. I am one of those, but have come to realize that Crosman’s market is MUCH bigger than us!! We are the minority in regards to their sales and marketing strategy. I will be the first to admit my dislike of the Bulldog was based solely on looks and what others posted that again was mostly based on hearsay and unsubstantiated claims. Solid first hand experience has shown me this gun is for real.

I will continue to update if I find any issues or anything that might help a potential buyer or current owner. I wish more people would post about this gun as I am still very curious if I am just lucky or my results are the norm for this .357 bullpup??