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How are they “getting swindled?” They got a gun they are happy with and they shoot it. How is that swindled?

Is that why they are bringing them as parts without barrels now? Who is happy? I have a problem with the regulator. I am not Happy! The gun or the selling dealer should have labeled these guns as Made in China, Designed in Ukraine as many reputable dealers and manufacturers do. I have no problem with made in China products. I have a problem paying premium price for them and then spend additional money fixing crap they forgot to make right.


Well Rhea, I have stopped participating in these threads simply out of respect for Ted and Michael. They are obviously getting heat from Taipan dealers you are affiliated with on the Talon and the super corrupt Yellow forum. It should not be like that. Y’all have two forums to write your marketing drivel on and push these guns. And write nonsense like smooth twist barrels lead up quickly, without even knowing that polygonal rifling which this is on ST barrel ends, pressed in from the outside in practice gets lead up very little. What Y’all seeing is lead dust, which has zero effect on accuracy. New folks have no idea about this, yet they read this crap from y’all, thinking they are getting quality information. Which makes them shine away from FX air rifle purchase, guns that are indeed one of the best if not the best today the money can buy. All their product line is unique. So don’t bullshit real airgunners bro’s with FX poor quality and accuracy crap.

When Dman1456 says we have and agenda against the Mutant let him come here, open up his own topic and we go point for point 1,2 and 3. You are the once DUDES that are being babysitted by the moderators, and You are the once that can’t hold a real debate because y’all know very little about air rifles in general. So far, everything that was rumored and reported on the internet forums checked out on Taumen. And the FACT that Taumen is not even the manufacturer of these guns. China or Hong-Kong, yes most likely, the same place where those now hyped RAR VL guns are made. But, At least those DUDES are not lying about where they make RAR rifles. This Taumen maker however knowingly mislabeled the country of make origin. And dealers in the US that sell these as premium air rifles for $1,445, (now $1099 after some myth busting) sell them for such price also knowing that they cost $500-600 in Ukraine and $250 in China to produce. That is fellas nothing but pure example of chrony capitalism and market manipulation taking advantage of the fact that 50-60% of these air rifle buyers have no clue what makes a good air rifle, things to look for before buying.

Someone like Mr.Sniper really knows his game, this guy is DA!MAN as you say, and HE tries to help everybody with his reviews. Of course he is getting heat from dealers and certain dubious manufacturers that get exposed how they do things. All he needs is an English translation channel to help educate folks about these air rifles, so people know how to make a good purchasing decision.

Keyser Soze mutant or DonnyF’s are not factory mutants! They were highly modified for Youtube reviews. Barrels they machined new, regs were tuned, custom moderator was added, even the factory stock was refinished on Keyser’s gun. And that is why now dealers are bringing them as parts, because they know how much labor they need to put in, to get them sorted out. Denying all this makes y’all look stupid.

This problem only developed because for a year Taipan owners can’t get what they have paid for and still are waiting for the replacement barrels.

Some of us joined this debate because we don’t like to see our FX and Daystate rifles being compared with these junk guns, and don’t like to be banned from some forums simply because we challenge the erroneous claims made by paid Tipan dealer peddlers. When someone write their Mutant can’t hold POI, asking what can they do about it and the next post within few minutes reads AND SO DOES DAYSTATE HUNTSMAN” – that is just total BS, like those comments that ST barrels don’t shoot well or lead up quickly.

If Michael and Ted give in to these people like yourself Rhea that come here to AGN from those forums and post this kind of info, then it is their forum and is their right which makes Some of us just leave this forum I guess, because our posts are now being deleted here also and we are being ridiculed by trolls such as JoeRhea.
By giving in gentleman moderators you won’t stop these attacks on FX products. This is what their strategy is all about, bring in cheap made guns, hype them up to FX quality levels and put pressure on one of the best dealers over here they have problems with and the manufacturer – FX Airguns. Who is behind all this you fellas know damn well without me repeating his name.

Why no one attacks Jkhan, Dman? Well what is there to attack about Evanix brand other than 6 or 7 pound trigger pull man? Where they are made and who makes them we know. Their business address checks out too even on the cars they produce. I will leave it at that.

Completely agree with you brother.