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“AirgunBill”FukoChan why do you love the higher fill pressure which only gives a minimal increase of fpe in the .22 and 25 cal. and about the same or less shots per fill than other pcp rifles. Bill

Higher fill pressure is not meant to increase power. It is purely for shot count. The Ataman models listed seem to have a comparable shot count to other PCP rifles with similar power. Note the Ataman guns are more powerful than most. More power = less shots. You could almost certainly increase shot count by adjusting the hammer spring and or reg. Their .25  puts out 10fpe more than the Wildcat, Cricket or Vulcan. Their 9mm is nearly twice as powerful as the Hatsan Carnivore. I’m curious to see (I mean hear) how loud it is….

just because you can fill to 4500 psi doesn’t mean you have to. My .25 Cricket can be filled to 300 bar (4500 psi) but I fill it to 250 bar which gives me at least  60 consistent shots. When my tank gets low, I fill it to 3000 psi and even less sometimes. I get fewer shots until I fill up but I still get more than most rifles that are limited to 3000 psi. It’s nice to have to option of filling up more before a hunting trip instead of carrying a spare cylinder. I could easily manage with 30-45 shots on most hunts if it’s accurate.

There is something to be said for having the option to trade shot count for power if you want to hunt slightly larger game or shoot further down-range, as long as you can turn the power down for extended plinking. I don’t see it as a problem.  

More importantly, I really like the look of their carbine with the AR style stock so I want it to be great. The Cricket has satisfied my bullpup craving but my carbine need has yet to be filled….