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Are you serious brother.

18 minutes after you asked above.

statement 2

statement 4

Both direct answers to your question in particular and in detail.

Our compressors, are posted about on 5 forums in the US alone and I comment, answer and assist on every one of them personally.

Being realistic about your expectations of my reply would be helpful and rhetorical questions or statements, will not elicit a response. 

We reply, based on the information we have, not guessing and certainly not trying to mislead you, so when we do not or have not the information you inquire upon, we must defer to others.

As stated above and now again, there are a few already in service and I gave a very descriptive reply about how they (the customers that have reported directly to me) are being used and even the issues we have had reported so far only minutes after you asked.

Out of 80 compressors shipped, only 4 were not fully upgraded, so how did I not answer your question.