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Lee, It is surely not Marauder quiet, but I find it to be better than I would have thought. It certainly could be quieter for those that may require more stealth. However, even my rather sensative ears don’t require hearing protection when shooting outside. For indoor chrono work the Bulldog requires me to wear my ear muffs. I do alot of shooting in the winter months from the warmth of my laundry room and shoot out the window. While it is bearable to not wear hearing protection, anymore than a couple shots and I reach for ear plugs or muffs. Based on the 150fpe I am getting with the 81gr JSB’s, I applaud Crosman for coming up with an effective shroud/baffle combo. If the design allowed for easy install of an LDC I would get one and assume the gun would be ridiculously quiet for a bigbore. Unfortunately, after communication with Neil C prior to getting my Bulldog, he made it clear that an LDC requires extra fabrication. He was 110% correct. Because of that, I can live with the noise as it really isn’t bad at all.