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“FieryPellets”First time posting, long time AGN reader, long time air rifle hunter/plinker with occasional AR15/AK47/shotgun fun. Just wanted to drop by and say hello. Also……

I just ordered the black FX Impact in 22cal from Free shipping! Spoke directly with Craig. He said the next shipment won’t be in until the end of February. So far I am the very few that ordered the air rifle in 22. When the shipments come in, I have a better chance of getting it sooner while others will wait longer for the other two calibers. I’m deciding whether I should get the .25 or the .30 upgrade for this rifle.

Anyone ordered one or have one already? What is your experience with it? I also put in an order for the same bipod and scope as Teds. 

same as you…ordered the .25 FX Impact from them also…can’t wait to receive it and start shooting.