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I think they’re quite cool. I would imagine they would appeal to anyone who hunts with a crossbow. I bet air can be used to achieve greater accuracy than string.

I read an article by Tom Gaylord about airbows and he said that making them much more powerful than regular crossbows causes problems because it becomes impossible to retrieve your arrows when they penetrate too deep into your target. He said they try to keep the speed down to 350-450 fps max or they are not useful. 

I would have liked to see a few more design benefits over regular crossbows myself. If they made it a repeater, for example, that would be a major advantage. As it stands, this is not a new product as there have been a number of airbows over the years.

It’s nice that it’s easier to cock than a crossbow but I don’t find it that hard to pull back the strong on a well designed crossbow. I don’t know how big the disabled hunting market is but if I was unable to draw a crossbow string back, I would probably hunt with a firearm or regular air rifle so it’s not like this market is not served at all right now. For disabled people, I would imagine the extra weight of the air bow is just as much of a disadvantage as heavy cocking is on a crossbow too….. 

I think Crossman’s time would have been better spent on a Marauder bullpup. There actually is a large gap in the market for that…