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Well yes, once “run in” they do become much more efficient with the power requirement.

several of our customers, (not sure if they are forum members) have been very forth coming with their praise of the new compressor.

We have also a couple, that needed our assistance getting them setup and 2 so far, with small issues we are addressing already.

One, in particular, uses it for a paintball filling station at a local course and appreciates the rapid fill rate for sure.

There is ALOT to consider when getting a compressor.

For instance, we are asked all the time about run time before rebuild.

This depends mainly on how the compressor is used, regardless of manufacturer and ours is no exception.

Those who have them, should try filling direct into their favorite pcp.

This is how we use ours and have been running the snot out of it.

I can’t imagine much wear, when running less than a minute and only going to 3000 psi.

Tanks have their place for sure and these fill those very fast, but when at home filling direct is like getting free run time.

Over this weekend, we are editing another video, to explain the installation of the cooling upgrades, more in depth setup and use.

Bear in mind, I have more than 1900 airguns just delivered to put away on shelves and inventory in the morning, so I’ll be calling it an early night tonight and away from the keyboard until late tomorrow.

We are here to help guys.   Busy, yes, but here to help.