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Directly from Martin’s web site”  “Rapid Air Weapons LLC was formed in 2006 as a supplier of  Precision Air Rifle components and accessories, today we manufacture, as well as supply high quality components and products for the shooting industry from our factory in Tennessee using the latest in CNC multi axis machines, our staff have over 40 years experience in manufacturing components for some of the top names in the business, from Dealers to Gun makers. We take our Rifle building extremely serious, from very early on parts are inspected at each stage to ensure they meet our expectations on quality. Throughout the building stages everything is hand inspected before being installed and assembled up into a finished rifle. Specialist tools and gauges check barrel alignment in relationship to the action and scope rail, if it doesn’t pass our strict tests it will not leave the factory, our reliability record is something to be proud of.  Having over 28 years manufacturing and design experience at Theoben our company CEO has the most experience in the business when it comes to Theoben Products, with this extensive knowledge gained over decades we are able to offer the great products we manufacture today,  Rapid Air Weapons has an impressive line of precision Air Rifles and products manufactured in the USA and an even more impressive collection of trophy’s and medals won by users.As well as the production Rifles and accessories we also offer custom services for those special requirements, from Special machining to repairs on your Rifles, we also offer contract machining from single pieces to 10,000 batch runs.”