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Depends upon the particular maker, but I would generally opt for a factory-installed gas ram if that is what you want. If you have a springer laying around that you want to have converted to gas ram, certain sites (PA comes to mind) will install them for you, provided that the piston and the gun are compatible.
Crosman (and Benjamin) use the NP and NP2 gas cyclinders, and I believe Gamos are compatible with it. This is the gas piston most commonly available for conversion projects. I’m thinking of having one installed in my old Silent Cat.
Umarex (and Remington branded guns) use the ReAxis piston, which is mounted “backwards” as compared to most other cylinders.
Hatsan (and another brand that they make, I want to say Stoeger) uses the Vortex (or Vortek, depending on who is writing the description) piston.
When in doubt, do some research on the gun you want converted. If buying a new gun, it’s worth the extra cash to just get the gas ram model.