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“Scott_MCT”I had an Airstream and now a Neil Clague LCD on my AirWolf. I did not experance a POI shift when removing them or changing from one to the other.  Just my experance with one rifle.

Same with me. NC made me an LDC for my .25 Career 707 and there is no POI shift as long as it is kept clean. Having tried a number of different LDCs, I have to say that NC makes a great product. Measurably much better than 4 other brands I tried. He actually made my 707 backyard friendly which I was convinced was impossible.

I thought Ted opted for a fixed LDC on his impact because it had better noise control than the telescoping model that everyone else got. A shift in POI kinda takes away the convenience of a telescoping design as you don’t want to adjust your scope every time you extend it. 

Maybe cleaning the LDC or barrel might fix the issue. If the POI randomly shifts between groups, cleaning is the first thing I would try after checking the barrel is firmly screwed in. 

Is there any clipping on the LDC or barrel?