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Altaros reg after bottle. Reg is set to 155 BAR. From 230 to 150 the shot pressure stays right there.

Fill pressure is on the opposite side at:

I did add a small spacer behind the hammer spring. I then backed off the hammer length till I saw an 80 shot string that was stable enough. My Chrony really bites but it is at 920+/- with the 15.9s.

I also drilled 3 very small vent holes in the OE shroud just in front of the end of the threads where the shroud mounts to the action. They are on the bottom line n a straight line so they are not visible. The gun in s as quiet as dropping a pellet in dry leaves.

JSB 18.1s are also very accurate from this rifle, but the trajectory is a little better with the 15.9s. I am still using holdover without dope for 110 yards at 20X while sighted in at a 40 yard zero. Most of my shooting on game is 20-50 yards so this is spot on for my styles of shooting.

I love your videos BTW.