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Sorry for the late reply.  To clarify:  This person is a “member” here, but just joined the same day they sent me a message in resonse to a WTB ad.  I can’t find any posts by them.  They also claim to be a member on another well known forum with feedback on the sales page, but the full name, user name, and email all come up with zero results.

They are only responding to WTB ads.  Several days later I get a message via email now regarding a post on another page, with almost the exact same verbage of  “Hello
I have it for sale in good condition.  Let me know if you are still interested in purchasing.”

When I responded, figuring it was a scam, asking for pictures & a phone number to reach them at, I received no response.

I will send the info to the mods here.  It is up to them if they want to post the info.