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The Impact is a great concept. Being first is fun but you also have to bear the risk of new rifle hiccups. I’d like an Impact in a .177 caliber. What Id really like to know is if you could easily change it to a .25 or .30 caliber and that it would throw a .177 or a .30 with an easy adjustment.

I need to know if the shroud will work with all calibers, if the barrel tightening screw really works (seems a bit too simplistic) without affecting POI, if the air volume knob (or whatever its name is) can be made to stay on tight and allows a wide range of air volume adjustment, and any additional first gun issues arise. ALL new guns have teething issues so it wont keep me from buying one, I just will wait a bit to have these questions answered, then I’ll throw my money down on one.

I own FX guns now (Verminator .177 and Wildcat .22) and have owned five other FX rifles (two FX400, FX500, FX Elite .22 and .25). They all are good rifles and I’ve never had a problems. (Knock on wood!!)