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Yes, that is how it can be done on Daystates to adjust the hammer stroke. On the Wolverine there is a larger cutout in the action so the hammer is more visible and it is easier to operate that little grub screw. I prefer to take out the hammer mate, because I was never able to turn that screw in with allen key from the end cap side of the gun like they suggest and show in the videos.

Of course the best way to increase power is to widen the transfer port = the inner diameter of the barrel bore. But that does take skill and special tools to work on the Wolverine outside factory settings. If say one would make a 6.25mm in diameter transfer port in the receiver and the barrel, you can bump this air rifle to perhaps 100fpe easily in .25 cal. Which would make it a very interesting air rifle. That mono-block receiver can handle massive amount of energy. They could do it over at Daystate easy if they really wanted to. In some countries however that kind of power in .25 caliber can make this gun illegal, so I guess they just leave it at 50fpe to sell at broader markets. Your American market could request for such guns to be build for export. These Wolverines are capable of a lot more power than they put them out at currently (IMHO) If they want to run them at 50-60fpe then best to put regulators in these to get the best shot to shot consistency. If they want to build true powerhouse hunting rigs then transfer ports is the ticket, something what the Koreans do on their cheap made Sam Yang rifles.