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“Ridgeline”Nutcracker, these are some good numbers you are posting mate, 883 891 885 893 894 897 901 903 904 911
907 907 908 908 909 907 903 905 903 900 905 899 896 896 892 893 887 889 885 880 883 Perhaps they did something new with the hammer design in their latest builds. I have not visited the Daystate forum in ages to see if they have done any upgrades, which they do all the time I am told. I know they have changed the hammer style on the Huntsman Regal to lighten it, perhaps these Wolverines have that new design. But your air rifle looks stunning mate! A real looker :)

Thanks. I hope to get to shoot it some over the weekend. I am hoping I can get nickel size  groups @ 50 yards.   So far I really like it, but need to spend some time with it.

When you was talking about adjusting power , was you describing the procedure in this video.  Sometimes I don’t fully comprehend what I read.  I might like a lil more power myself, but will leave it alone for a few months to see how accurate it will be as is.

Bowwild, keep us posted on your rifle.