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Roy mate, is the .25 Wolverine as US purchased rifle, eh? The reason I ask is because FAC guns sold here in Europe (some guns) shoot slower then the ones build for US market. I am basing my opinion here based on shot strings I’ve seen posted on EU forums on some unregulated guns.

Based on your shot string mate, you are getting about 50fpe. Which I think is what they rate these .25 FAC Wolverines at. But Nutckacker’s velocity looks a bit better. So mate…. if you are up for it, there is a way to bump up the power on them slightly. All you have to do is take off the gun stock, underneath the mono-block receiver, in front of the trigger guard there is a cutout in the action, that gives you access to the hammer/striker. It’s travel on Daystate guns can be adjusted. If you see the little pin screw that strikes the valve open sticking out from the hammer, it needs to be screwed in all the way, so it is flush with the hammer surface that will strike the valve open. That is how you increase hammer stoke travel. Greater hammer force = deeper valve opening = more air going into the transfer port = faster velocity. In order to adjust that pin, there is a little grub screw holding securely that pin in. That grub screw must be loosened gently, so you can screw in that hammer pin all the way in.

If that is hard for you to do inside the gun. You can loosen and take off the end cap on the back of the receiver, take the hammer spring out depress the trigger, and pull out the hammer, and do what I wrote above to adjust the hammer pin. Then reassemble all in reverse, press the trigger, put the hammer in, put the hammer spring back in, put the end cap back, cock the gun make sure it is working, and fire few rounds over the chronograph. If the velocity got better, give yourself an A+.

I think on the Wolverines sold now these adjustments can be made without partial disassembly of the receiver. I am not sure, but do ask on the daystate UK forum. In general speaking the Wolverine is an Air Ranger assembled on a one piece mono-block. Which makes it a better air rifle. And If you want to be fancy and like to tinker more mate, you can play around with different hammer springs wire thicknesses for example, local hardware stores should have these type of springs for cheap. The same thing you can do with the valve springs, if you want to go deep into it. If you are interested I can describe the process mate. On some guns valve springs are too weak and with heavy hammers like on the Gunpower Stealth and Air Ranger for that matter, it causes poor shot to shot consistency, guns waste air and have poor shot curves. In this department unregulated daystates could have been better tuned out from the factory. FX air rifles are better in this department. But build quality wise Daystates are the best. Wolverine for sure would benefit from the regulator, BUT if you know what you are doing, balancing out an unregulated air rifle hammer stroke length, hammer spring and valve spring can get you results very close to a regulated gun. And some regulated air rifles mate, a crappy out of the box also. So it is not that simple, then just heaving a regulator in the air rifle as some dealers will tell you.

p.s. Zx mate, I would rather take a great quality build like a tank air rifle like the Wolverine, and tune it up, rather then a cheap made gun that was well tuned.