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I’m curios too as what the max fill pressure is . If its capable of going to at least 250bar I’d go there. Filling to 225 looks to be somewhere in the middle of the sweet portion of the curve. You probably need to stay within 4% ES for most shooting situations. 1-2% for more consistent long range shooting. From your first shot at 848 to the 24th shot at 820 that is a 4% ES. I wouldn’t shoot it any further than what ever pressure that was on your gun at that 24th shot. The next string you shoot document the best you can what the guns pressure is every five shots. The more data the better. Ok, so that’s only 24 shots. If you fill to a higher pressure, hopefully your starting velocity (shot 1) might be closer to the 820 range due to the higher fill pressure and the hammer not being able to knock the valve open as far until some of that air pressure is depleted. What I would shoot for would be a string that goes from 820-850-820 with that particular pellet.
Just after I posted I saw where the max fill is 230.