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I received the R10 .177 from Amazon yesterday. Really nice fit and finish, it is the black wrap. The box had been opened and the fill adapter and manual were not in the box.

Not off to a good start. It came pre charged to about 200 bar so I took it out and fired it a couple of times. It is definitely backyard quite. The trigger is great. I then took my bolt action Ruger .22 with subsonic CCI’s and a Huntertown Arms suppressor out to compare.  That setup is 2x quieter and about 3lbs lighter than the R10. I live in the county so firearms are legal as long as the noise does not bother the neighbors. The gun to me is too heavy – 9lbs without bi pod and scope.

Bottom line: nice gun, I’m pretty sure it will outshoot the Ruger at 35yrds. but I did not realize my 3k tank would also need to be upgraded so I returned it. I have yet to try a friend’s FX WC. Maybe the cool factor of that gun will get me into the PCP world. I really appreciate all of the comments I have learned a lot.