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Be specific, what parts are you talking about.

if you are referring to the CP-1 we sent the trigger screws to everyone, the front sight screw was not the “fix”reported on the forums.

Some owners got carried away with rear sight adjustment, and no sight issues have been reported since and all CP-1 pistols include not only the trigger screws installed, but come with a free trigger job at no extra charge.

If your going to put t out there, put it out there.

As for the eBay ad, this was a very specific pump, the Huben 350k for filling above 4500 and was broken, in fact destroyed by the buyer and then returned.

Never was it un hooked as you speculate to above.

Our newest standard 4500psi Handpump, is doing well so far and as usual at a very attractive price point.

When speaking in a public forum, having all the facts is kind of important and unfortunately not always available from the public, when it comes to a new product.

many of our products are judged, and reported on, before ever entering the US, based on others experiences in the past with other brands and types that may or may not even be similar.

Not that all the new compressors so far are perfect. Two damaged in shipping, one had oil in the cylinders from improper handling and one had a fan missing.

All 3 are being repaired, returned, replaced at no charge as we speak.

After two years in the business, I guess if that’s all we have negative, I can accept that.

if you are a customer yourself and have an issue yourself, I would be glad to help you.

Attempting to “fix” others possible or probable issues, I’m afraid I cannot assist you with.

As for the question “Are we a stocking Distributor”

We are the sole US Distributor for our AirMax product line.

We offer presales on products after our subcontractors announce they are planning to manufacture them.

Then, we go the extra step to import samples and test the product to report any changes we would like to have for our US customers and have them installed and/or supplied to us before we import and sell them.

Most of our products are sold out of the first production runs before they even reach the US, so keeping them in stock at all times is not possible. They simply do not make enough fast enough in many cases.

Tomorrow, there are over 1900 airguns scheduled to arrive and less than 600 of those will remain on the shelf if that gives you an indication.

No doubt the post you have made, will delay our shipping at least one day, by the number of calls and emails I will receive asking questions generated by your comments.

It is now about 7pm and we have just shipped the last of the exsisting orders of the new AirMax extreme compressors. (19 today)

We do still have some of these in stock, on the shelf with more on the way, as well as another real compressor we have prototyped and had manufactured for the AirMax product line.

Those such as yourself, that assume we will not be around long, are very much mistaken.

We Are Mrodair