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Gene93 I know I never told you springers are useless for hunting. Your original post wanted to know if you could shoot pigeons out to 60 to 70 yards and you were looking at a certain model BSA springer. I gave you the link to a very similar model and the fpe that the rifle put out was more like 14.5 fpe in real life. The accuracy for that rifle was about I” at 20 yards I also said to go look at ChairGun Pro and run the numbers for trajectory. If you did that you would see the drop at that distance and the effects of wind at that distance would make it very hard to make shots at 60 to 70 yards. Now if you want to be realistic in your shooting ranges for small game and stick to say under 40 yards you will be okay with a springer. If you want to reach out to 60 to 70 yards then you will probably need a PCP rifle. The review of the Discovery PCP rifle I gave you by Ted’s Holdover showed him getting a 1″ group at 50 yards and 25 fpe. That would be a good entry level rifle that would give you a chance to shoot pigeons at 70 yards. My whole point was to save you time, money and disappointment in getting a rifle that would not allow you to do what you originally posted about doing. Good luck Bill