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I’ve had my .25 silver Impact since December. I have never been more excited about any other gun (including all the firearms I’ve bought). AOA switched out the barrel and tightened the pressure gauge on the 2nd day. They usually air up the guns and let them sit over night and I think they also put them through the chrono before they ship them to make sure they aren’t losing air and shooting well. But I live just down the street and didn’t want to wait for them to test mine :) So I came back to the shop the next day and they fixed everything for me real quick (AOA has always been great to me). I’m still liking my Impact and I have a Cricket in .22 and a Benjamin Marauder Pistol in .22 as well. The Impact is pretty accurate/ has pretty tight groupings but the POI from one grouping to another will randomly change on me. I’m thinking it might be due to the collapsible LDC effecting the trajectory a little bit differently each time I collapse and extend it but sometimes it will do it mid magazine. I’m thinking the LDC might be a little loose or barrel isn’t sitting tight enough. I know I will eventually figure it out after time. So far i’ve only got 600 shots of 25 gr JSB pellets through it. Also, the .25 Impact does better at longer ranges than the .22 Cricket I have. Have shot quite a few Arizona desert rabbits at long range and California ground squirrels (with some nice head shots between 75 and 120 yards). I have a Hawke sidewinder and use an Atlas bipod (I think you will be happy with your scope and bi pod purchase as well) when targetĀ  shooting but use shooting sticks and a Nikon Aculon laser range finder when hunting. I use a single point sling when out in the desert because the Impact is heavy compared to my Benjamin Prod (4 pounds with scope vs. 8.5 lbs with scope). I went with the .25 over the .30 mainly because of the higher shot count and mag capacity. If I got another barrel, it would be the .177 since I love to punch paper in the backyard and could use the extra shots and not fill up my lead traps as fast. Anyway, I think you’ll be pleased. I’m interested to hear back from you after you get the gun to see how you like it and if any of the issues others have had, have been addressed (rail spacing, air inlet, barrel screw, cocking lever pin, etc)