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Well, that puts you in the same boat as me, I would say. I hunt rabbits (and have eliminated feral cats) with my Hatsan, as well as idly slinging lead in my basement 20-meter range. 
Having done some research on the BSA Lightning, they look very similar, save the price point and a few features. One way or the other, if you are going for a scoped rifle (which the BSA would have to be due to lack of open sights), I would go with an underlever; breakbarrels reset in a slightly different position each time, just enough to frustrate an individual looking for pinpoint groups. The BSA actually reminds me a bit of my Gamo Silent Cat, being a synthetic-stock spring-piston breakbarrel with integral silencer. Works great for your purposes, although for the price I would definitely go for a Hatsan 125. My Silent Cat has a UTG red dot sight; seems not to be affected as much by breakbarrel mechanics. I would opt for a gas-ram underlever if you are wanting to hunt at long range, since metal springs can be fatigued by being cocked for long periods of time and underlevers tends to deliver much tighter groups with scopes (in my experience ONLY). Be aware, underlevers from any maker will tend to be heavier, since they just have more metal pieces. BSA also offers gas ram and underlever guns, so it ultimately comes down to your gut feeling. All I can say is my choice would be Hatsan.
For really serious shooters, PCP is the way to go. In that case, It would be either a Hatsan Galatian (wood stock again) or an Eun Jin Sumatra 2500. But I guess I’m not serious enough to take that plunge just yet.