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I shot a bunch of the Rabbit Magnums and could not get a good group (see the first page of this thread). Right now, I have 5 more types of pellets to try but the weather (cold wind!) is not giving me the chance to see how they do. At 50 yards I can do easy quarter sized (mostly tighter) groups of 10 shots without flyers, shooting the Predator polymags. Even at 100 yards I can get larger birds. NOT sub MOA, but ok. I am old and cant shoot that well at the longer ranges on such small targets! My Bi focals get in the way. Poly Mag is a great hunting pellet and I am shooting it at 1050 fps, so it has lots of energy. Until I find something that shoots better, that is what is in the K1 now. The Pile Drivers shot good, but only at a low power setting. That takes away from the K1 because it is capable of shooting .22 rounds at high velocity with high energy semi auto. Some other shoot OK, and if I can get the time and weather to play with them more. PA is making some $ off me in pellet sales!!

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