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I have little experience with Hatsans, some folks love them, the ones I’ve handled and shot did not impress me. I had a BSA lightning in .22 (assembled in Spain) and liked it a lot, I just didn’t favor it over my Beeman R9, and sold it raise funds for the toy chest. Mine was a little twangy but very accurate, not mention light and powerful. If you can find one of the earlier UK versions they are the most highly regarded. BSA was bought out by Gamo and for a while the guns were assembled at the Gamo factory using BSA UK parts, not sure what the situation is now.  You may need special rings for your scope as some of them have 13mm dovetails instead of the usual 11mm or 3/8″.I’d vote for the BSA hands down!

It’s the third from the top, very nice with a 3-9×32 scope!