Reply To: Mrod compressor



Mike, I think some still remember the promises of “parts” for airguns you sold a while back that some buyers seem to have not received?
I hope things go well for you ( for all airgunners) and do understand you are busy, that is the business model you set up for yourself, enjoy it.
Some people ( I am one ) do all the research they can before buying anything, and I do understand how it can be dealing with the public but they are you money and in my opinion should be treated well. Communicate ! Esp. if you’ve been holding their money a long time. Be nice!  Very important, you know if you cant say anything nice, ……. .
I noted on ebay one of the customers you sold a pump to stated “it did not come with a manual” and your response was ” you are supposed to be smarter than the pump”. Well, I can understand you THINKING that but did you keep in mind, not everyone has used one before, maybe the very first time trying HPA, a person , could, get hurt with a hand pump- maybe forget to, or not be informed of, bleeding the line before unhooking-.  A nice friendly attitude does seem to go a long way in airgun ( and accessories ) sales.  At least it seems they are now shipping – still haven’t seen glowing reviews but folks are likely busy with their lives- I noted you do not provide tracking and someone said all you had was a LONG register receipt from the P.O. which would indeed make it harder  ( but we ALL are accustomed to tracking info) to provide tracking. IF you had the U.S.Mail pick up at your business you ( the customer) would save on the price of shipping, and, be provided tracking info. It would also give you more shop time.
 Are you now a stocking dealer?  Or are your customers still paying up front?  True delivery estimates are another thing most airgun folks are used to. And the varmit (???) rifles are in and shipping now?