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I got the bulldog zeroed at 30 yards this morning using JSB 81gr pellets. 5 shots had it in the bull. I refilled and fired a 5 shot group at 30 yards just using the supplied bipod and resting off my kids outdoor toy box. All 5 were in the same dime sized hole. I expected horrible groups, but again, I am suprised by this gun. On the same fill, I loaded another mag and took 2 sighters to figure out holdover at 75 yards. I was easily able to then go 3 for 3 on my Do All .22LR steel paddle targets. I believe the paddles are around 2″. The Bulldog is surely not a BR gun, but for a big bore, I feel the accuracy is proving more than acceptable for its intended purpose. I am sure that a precision made big bore like the Slayer is much better in all regards. But, based on the new lowered base price of $850 for the Bulldog coupled with available other discounts, this is a bargain for a big bore. I know info is very limited which makes it hard to get a good represenation of how well these guns perform on average. At this point, I am unsure if I just got really lucky or if this is indicative of how the Bulldog performs?