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Ck, wobbly bench, wrong pellets, etc. You both showed the true measure of what the sport is about. Overcoming adversities and making the attempt. Even if you don’t win, or show well, it is important to try your best.

I personally believe the glory of winning and beating the field is a wonderful triumph. However, I compete against myself to beat my previous scores. If I accomplish that eventually I will make it to the top tier I hope. I constantly tell folks you can never know it all and will learn something every day. I learned that I want to be the best I can be in this sport. (Sounds like a commercial for the Army, but I am a former

Along the way I am meeting great folks and competitors like yourself Frank. Imagine what you and salticon could have done without the wobbly bench and wrong pellets. Congrats on your win CK and Salticon, see, you learned something….bringing the right pellets for you rifle. And by the way, it was not that bad of a score even with the Pellet issue…… Remember there will always be another match down the road!