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Be careful with your scope selection.  I had the RWS variable scope mounted on mine for about a year.  The scope is fairly heavy and my scope mount dovetail loosened.  The rail is riveted to the receiver and can’t be tightened easily.  A wicking grade adhesive held it tight for a few hundred shots after that, but now it’s time to tear it down and come up with a more permanent solution.  My gun is very old (pre T-01) but I’ve heard of the same issues with newer models also.  It’s not at all common, but still a good reason not to choose a heavy scope.

My Model 52 is a .177.  As far as shot cycle and trigger – John in PA installed a Vortec PG-2 kit and tweaked the trigger.  The trigger is quite good now and the gun shoots MUCH smoother than stock.  It’s running at about 17 FPE.