Reply To: Mrod compressor


Well AJ,

were not rather shady.
We are rather busy.

You say you can guarantee that future support will not exsist.

Care to back up that statement ?

Im telling you, we are here to stay.

Now we are backing that up.

We are the sole US distributor for this compressor. 
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We are currently shipping from 15-30 of these units per day to our retail customers.
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We have in house service,  repair and support.
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This is just one of three compressors new to the market and if you think this one is remotely similar to other imports on the market, think again.

Our next HPA compressor, is now tested, proven and already being distributed by many of the top Airgun suppliers in Europe. 

It will be released in about three weeks here in the USA by yours truly.

These HPA compressors, have zero in common with those of which you refer to and at a lower price.

“Stay Tuned”

We are just getting warmed up.

We Are Mrodair