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Well, I only get to to shoot field target a couple times a year, my local club shoots on Sundays which is a work day for me. I shoot Hunter class which allows you to use sticks but limits your scope to 12x magnification. I zero my scope for 30 yards which puts my first zero at 15 yards, and have a chart for hold over or under at five yard intervals out to 55 yards.  To prepare for a match I shoot for a half hour or so every day for a week or so prior to the match at 3/8″ circle targets set out at various ranges. On the morning of the shoot I check my zero and then take a break before the match starts and then try not to worry about score, just relax and have a good time! I walk for an hour or so every day and that helps my stamina. You folks who shoot WFTF have it much harder having to support the gun with only your body and being limited to 12 fpe. You might check out the Network54/yellow forum FT board and ask the question there, some very serious shooters in that group!