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Well for me. I would use lead pellets. And a good place to start are crosman premier.(either the hollow points or domes) These are easy to find and many have good luck using them. I have boxes and boxes of pellets, sample packs, and every brand someone says they like in their gun.  I think most of the time its not so much the pellet as the shooter in my case? Shoot 2 or 3 tins and as some say that breaks in the rifle but I think at times it just makes you and the rifle come to an understanding? :)

 And what distance can you hit a 1 inch circle(draw a circle around a quarter) consistently ? 25 yards would be good for hunting with that combo. I think most would tell you to use the .177 for target and the .22 for hunting. But with a combo rifle I would use the barrel that was the most accurate.

But since this is the internet and everyone is moa you shoot the distance hunting that you know will result in a clean kill.