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Hi. I’ve only had my 1720t tactical a few weeks, but have put around 1,000 pellets through it. The gun is very accurate and doesn’t seem to be pellet picky. It’s a lot more accurate than I am… I’ve used Beeman Kodiak Match 10.65gr, JSB Heavy Diabolol 10.34gr and JSB RS Diabolo 7.33gr. They all grouped well. The JSB 10.34gr giving me my best 5 shot group so far at 15 yards, indoors, rested looked like 1 shot. (I’ll try to up load a picture later) I’ve chronographed the JSB 10.34gr pellets. (30 shoots from 2700-1700 psi: 635fps average, ES 23, SD 6)

Most of my shots have been in my basement at 10 and 15 yards. I’m having a ball with it. I did take it outside Saturday. At 30 yards I was getting estimated 1/4″ groups. I use a Hill pump to charge the gun and it takes a little more than one pump per shot :) For my needs it’s perfect…. I have added a Hill LDC and depinger. I’m not sure they were necessary, but I really like them both. Out of the box the gun was quiet.