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i don’t no why anybody want’s to buy a unregulated gun .

all new pcp’s are regulated !  every brand !

In the Netherlands  ( in Europe )  all  FX royale are regulated from 2015

The regulated ones   a FX royale 400  do 80 consistent  shots on a fill
at 270 m/s with a18,3 grain jsb

look at shot strings ( google it)  ( sorry, could not copy a shot string)

royale 500 is for bigger distance   > 50 m
FX boss distance     100 m

so i want only regulated rifles.

overhere i can’t find any carbon fiber bottle to replace the stock bottle.

Royale 400/500 i haven’t found any secondhand for sale
since august 2015
but i want to buy a new one  ( because  i think that why sell a good one )