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Gene93 from your other post about possible getting a BSA gas ram I am taking cues about trying to shoot pigeons at fifty plus yards. Once again there are a lot of problems with making that happen with that level of air rifle. As far as not using a range finder to find distance I would take a cue from field target shooters. They will use a higher power high quality scope and use the objective bell as a range finder. They would set out targets at every yard and you might get away at every five yard and focus on that target until it comes into clear focus. You will have a piece of tape around the circumference of the objective and place mark with the yardage for that distance. Do that for every five yards and will work pretty good for determining range out to about 55 yards. Then your carry your range card with you to determine hold over, mil dots or clicks depending on what you choose to make the shot allowance. The free program ChairGun Pro will allow you to determine trajectory, fpe and print out range cards or scope cap hold points. Get on you tube and look at tutorials on ChairGun Pro and you might look for info on field target shooting. Bill