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I’m sure everyone here will rush out and buy one of these!

The only thing it doesn’t have is GPS! Yes the price is steep, but if you can’t do the math in your head, this is your toy!

All this said…. I’ve have always had issues with shooting at high angles, and it is even harder if you don’t know the BC of the projectile. So I cheat. One of the places I go to plink evasive birds, has a flag pole, without a flag. I hauled up a piece of wood, replete with “show&tell” target, and my trusty angle gauge, magnetize to the bottom stock screw. So, I know the angle I’m shooting at. Yes, it takes a number of shots to get the feel for the correct compensation, but you soon get the hang of it. While we all want a simple solution to any given issue, spending the monies for one of the above devices can be avoided if we use  bit of ingenuity!