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Turboken77, I agree with you. They made people believe they are getting Daystate and FX quality air rifles. Based on everything that was shown by actual owners how parts are made now we know that that was a myth.

What company would use Chinese barrels mislabeled as made in Germany and tell dealers they were CZ barrels? Only a Dishonest one. So why support this company at all when in the West we have different moral standards and much better air rifle brands to choose from?

Joe Rhea, When this guy Dimitri stole design work and went into production did he think or have a conscience what he was doing? As I understand in his Ukraine this is considered normal to raider somebody’s business. Was he concerned at all that he just put someone out of work? But we are not discussing this how they do business there. Someone from their side might know more then what was posted.

People do have problems with these rifles, and not just with barrels, and guys like you try to cover it up and give us negative accuracy rating on this forum, which is strange to see from a fellow air gunner. You think you know more then Sniperqty about air rifles? His opinion is very respected these days. He borescoped the entire gun not just the barrel. Isn’t that enough information?