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BSA’s are good rifles but like all manufactures they tend to be optimistic on velocities. I think you might get a little less fps and fpe then you think. I think one of the most limiting factors for shooting pigeons will be accuracy and fighting the wind at longer distances. It won’t take a lot of fpe to kill a pigeon if you hit it in the head or neck region or into the vitals from the high back area. I would do a lot of practicing to see what you and the rifle are capable accuracy wise and probably not try longer shots unless it is dead calm. I know this is not your exact rifle your thinking about buying but here is a review of a BSA that might be similar to yours. The review might give you an idea of its performance. I will say that over in the UK they pull of some amazing shots with their 12 ft lb rifles. If you could find a gas spring rifle with a little more fps you might be able to stretch your distance out a little further.Bill 

Here is another thought if you ever wanted to get into PCP’s